Google Launches Artificial Intelligence Center in China

As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Google has announced that it will open a research center in China that will focus on artificial intelligence work, where its services are largely prohibited.

It was stated that the center would be the first example in Asia and would run “local talents”.

In the company’s statement, it was emphasized that the new research center is part of Google’s future plan to prioritize AI.

Fei-Fei Li from Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning department said, “Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve everyone’s life all over the world, whether it’s breakthroughs or Silicon Valley or Beijing.”

Artificial intelligence technology, driverless cars, translation tools, automated factories to face recognition systems are used in a wide range of fields.

The technology giants in Silicon Valley in the United States have recently been focusing on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence holds an important place among the objectives of China.

Team will be Chinese

Google has similar research centers in London, New York, Toronto, and Zurich.

The research center in Beijing will be managed by a small Google team that already exists in the city.

Taj Meadows, the company spokesman, said in a statement to AFP that nearly half of Google’s 600 employees in their two offices in China are working on international products.

Some products from Google, including the search engine, are banned in China. In recent years, with the recent censorship of the Chinese government, the foreign companies’ activities in the country has been a major restraint.

Chinese artificial intelligence is using to follow the citizens

The filtering system that the country imposes with sophisticated methods on what it regards as “objectionable” is called “great security wall”.

But China is also making increasing investments in its own artificial intelligence work.

In July, China announced its national plan to be able to reach the US on artificial intelligence.

However, the Chinese government is also criticized for using artificial intelligence to monitor its citizens.

Chinese President Shi Jinping emphasized to the Communist Party officials last week that he could use the statement “to improve the administration of the large enterprise.”


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