Crypto Swiss Francs, Useful for the Economy

Swiss SIX Stock Exchange president Romeo Lacher suggested that Swiss export crypto currency version of Swiss currency, the Swiss currency of its currency, in order to stimulate local economy and reduce cash use.

According to the Financial Times, Lacher said that the Swiss Central Bank’s issuance of the crypto franc will “be useful in a lot of ways, e-franc at the control of the central bank will create many synergies and be good for the economy”.

The Swiss National Bank had previously stated that Riksbank could create an e-krona, but the Swiss National Bank emphasized that “there is no need for a crypto frigate” and that “there is no problem with digital money in cash or non-cash payments in Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the countries that support the block chain the most, although there are disagreements about the creation of the digital currency version of the currency of the country. The economy minister, Johann Schneider Ammann, went on record by saying that the country was in the “crypto nation”.

Switzerland is one of the countries with the most ICO (crypto money public offerings). Ethereum, second in terms of market value, is supported by Swiss foundation.

In the Financial Times statement, “Lacher stating that block chaining and crypto money have many risks and that many mistakes will be made,” but we will learn a lot from these mistakes and I will surely succeed. My concern was that the value of the crypto money had risen steadily until recently. ”


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