Becoming Santa Claus With Tesla Car

Tesla’s surprise surprise for the new year on the digital screen was presented. The drivers saw their cars on the screens of their vehicles as a Santa Claus car. Elon Musk made a statement about this surprise.
Tesla, the undisputed leader of the electrical automotive industry, loves surprises. The control panel, which is found in all vehicles of the company and which has become a common ecosystem, has been updated with nice and at the same time pleasant surprises for the new year.

You know that the company is constantly working on autonomous driving technology and continues to build an independent system from day to day. Tesla, who has the ability to offer witty gifts to his drivers every year for the new year, succeeded in making faces smile with a software update.

The new year ornaments appearing on the tablet of the driver panel where you drive the tool, from the surprise eggs expressed by Elon Musk:

Of course, all of these ornaments are waiting for you to interact. When you click on the moose icon, it starts to play a new year song in the car and the digital display in the cockpit turns into a Noad Dad mode. The drivers can turn on this mode by using the voice command system and calling it “Ho Ho Ho”. The 3D Tesla tool on the screen behind the steering wheel transforms into a Santa Claus car.

When the drivers signal to the right or to the left, the signal sounds instead of playing the new year’s chants, and the reindeer keeps appearing on the waypoint. The reindeer are the other automobiles that Tesla sensors detect.

It can be considered that a heavy reference has been made to other tools. Because as driver you are a Santa Claus, and other vehicles are deers. Really, this joke springs out of intelligence.


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