Most Liked Shares on Facebook in 2017


Facebook users have billions of articles and articles around the world about which content they like or like to comment on. In this article, we will evaluate all these in the form of analysis and discuss them in separate topics.

Top Shared Content on Facebook 2017

As you can see below, Facebook users share a lot of interesting, inspiring, and exciting content published outside the platform. Music videos were at the top of the list on the third of the top ten shows this year.

Most Popular Posts

The best stories on Facebook were almost all videos. Only three of the top 20 messages were not videos. The most popular topics are:

Easy tactics
Inspiring content
Meals and recipes
Funny animals
Music videos

Four of the top 20 most popularly spoken Facebook messages were in Spanish. One of the top 20 messages was in French.

Most Popular Music Videos

This year, the most shared content on Facebook was a YouTube music video “Despacito” featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee. This song topped the most watched videos of 47 countries. The video has been viewed more than 4.5 billion times.

Another most shared music video was ” Shape of You ” by Ed Sheeran.

Travel and Adventure Articles

Another thing that is shared and loved on Facebook is travel articles and information. The inspirational and visually rich sharing has always been of interest to users. The most widely shared article in the world is the article on America that introduces the most beautiful routes in terms of train travel. It is shared by about 4 million people on Facebook.

Funny Cat and Dog Videos

And just like every other year, cute animal videos continue to decorate Facebook. But with a little difference, the monk cloaked into the front of this lane.

Interesting Photo Shares

This area has reached the leadership of Bored Panda’s sharing. More than 1.6 million shares were made on Facebook.

Practical Information Sharing

Both YouTube and practical sharing of information on Facebook shares are very popular both in Turkey and in the world and are followed closely.

Crazy People Videos

People are on Facebook Awesome has been rated by 19 million people in total. A video has only been viewed 520 million times on Facebook this year. You can click to access that video.

Sports Shares

The sport that people see as their favorite hobby has been dominated by football this year. A photo published by Barcelona was shared and liked by a total of 5.5 million people.

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